You want to know how you'll be supported once you've taken delivery of your website. How will you integrate new information or media as you receive it? There is no "one-size fits-all" solution for everything, so we have several options available to our clients once they've approved their layouts and accepted delivery of their site.

Each client has unique needs and therefore each site is unique; however, the level of support provided is consistent for all clients who opt for ongoing support, however. This includes uploading new text and media (images, audio and flash). While the customer - the person for whom a site is built - is responsible for providing images and media, they do not know how to incorporate that copy into their site. This is where we provide ongoing support all clients opting for a support contract (other than those opting for CMS).


Once you've approved your site, and the final content delivered, you may find yourself in need of changing text or images for your site. We offer two paths for support: the support contract, and per-incident support.

Support Contract

We offer ongoing support for a variety lengths of contract (ranging from 6 months to two years, with the option to purchase new contracts at the end of an existing contract.

When you purchase a contract, this gives you the peace of mind of being able to change or upload images, update information, add images to or remove images from slide shows, add audio files to players, alter headers, etc. In short, we will edit your content for you, as your needs dictate. While this does not include development of new layout, video, or graphics, it will cover nearly everything you could need for ongoing growth.

Per-Incident Support

For those customers who envision a static site with no growth, or those who wish to pay for editing when the ned arises, we work on a per-incident basis. This type of contract can be billed hourly, or on an estimate/acceptance/dlivery basis.

For layout re-designs or vast changes to images or media encoding, we bill the customer on a per-incident basis.

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Content Management

A Content Management System, or CMS, is a third party open-source package designed to allow laymen to run their own website with a minimum of a learning curve. Read more here.

Clients who opt for content management systems (CMSs) are supported on the use of their system, but are responsible for their own content changes (unless they opt for a support contract). We are here to assist you with the complexities of the CMS - the "How do I do that?" kind of thing.

Since each site is unique, the price for support is rolled into the cost of development & delivery of a site (if the client purchases the support contract). Consequently, once the period we provide support for has concluded, all support is handled on a "per incident" basis, unless the client purchases a contract.