SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

You've got your site, and you've hung out your shingle. That's all well and good, but how will people find you? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the method whereby people searching for your type of business find your business when they use a search engine to solve a problem that your business is designed to solve.

How Does This Work?

Using several methods, we are able to help increase visibility of your site within search engine returns. Search engines operate on several methods of discovery and enumeration, and we leverage those methods to better position you against your competitors.

  • Well Crafted Markup
  • Proactive Methods
  • Passive Methods
Semantic Markup

Using logical semantic mark-up, very much akin to the thesis development process of a higher education course, we deliver a well-developed final product. This provides a quality reading experience for visitors who may be visually handicapped as well those whom are not, but also plays a role in the ranking of your site. Yes, search engines use algorithms that rank based on the markup (the code used to build your site) of your pages.

Search Engine Submission

By manually delivery a monthly payload to the major search engine (a pro-active method of SEO), we pro-actively and regularly (depending on your support plan) work to increase your visibility in search engine returns for potential clients.

Site Maps & Metadata

Though passive in nature, we create files to facilitate discovery by search engine web crawlers, which then crawl and index the pages we guide them to. We build each page to deliver relevant metadata both for the site and specific page, thus further allowing search engine crawlers to learn appropriate information that is useful to your clients, current and prospective.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

Notice this site doesn't have extraneous markup in the address bar? This is a way of making pages easier for humans to remember. It has the advantage of making your search return URLs look friendly. It is a part of the multi-layered strategy to increase your visibility to potential clients.