Interaction? What's that?

It's after hours, your business is closed, but a customer needs help. You want someone tending the store while you are away, right? Of course you do. Same with your website. Human beings crave interaction - even humans using the internet. Your customers know you have to go home at the end of the day, but they also appreciate your foresight to have a system where they can send you a message, check on an order, or find the nearest location of one of your outlets.

Perhaps you are a fine garment outlet, and a client has just this moment soiled fabric. Wouldn't it be great if they found a solution on your site? A flow chart of how to solve stains might get them out of a jam - and into your store.

From on-line comments, requests for help, trouble tickets, to advanced, hand-built databases for order tracking, customer service (or anything else you can imagine), Shadowfire Web Development provides competitively-priced solutions of the highest quality for your web presence.

By leveraging mySql, PHP, and your data, we can build applications your clients and potential customers will find intuitive and useful.